About the app “Audio Sky Tours”   

Your path to the stars, and a guide to the grand questions of our existence         

This astronomy app is designed to be listened to, an exciting audio guide to the night sky and the stars. The guide leads you on five 20-minute explorations, through constellations and celestial objects, answering some of humanity’s great questions. How does the Universe work? And where do the constellations come from? Beginners and experienced Star Gazers alike are entertained along the way, with musical accompaniment and the ancient myths of the heavens. As we explore a given area of the sky, a map of that area appears on your phone or tablet screen, enabling the app to be used at any time of day or night.

The narrative structure builds on the history of astronomy itself. Thus, we move from the straightforward and observable to the demanding discoveries of modern science. This app will help you Certified_Badgeunderstand your own place in the Universe. Beginners are encouraged to follow the narrative first on screen. Then, confronted with the real night sky, at the recommended observation times, the user can readily identify the constellations and begin to understand their significance and interconnectedness. A supplementary sixth chapter gives a comprehensive historical overview of the discipline. The whole of Chapter 1, along with observation hints and a contents list of the complete app, is made available in the free download.

This app, published for the first time in English, was available a year earlier in German.
Astronomie.de comments: ‘We love the way this app explains astronomy’. Switzerland’s leading educational observatory, in Steffisburg, describes it simply as ‘the best app in years’. Consistently rated with 5 Stars on Google Play Store and the Apple App Store, this guide to the stars will surprise and thrill you. If you want to consolidate the information you hear, you may use the following free work sheets. They are especially helpful if the app is used in classes.

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Episode 1

Work Sheets:
Exercise 1:  With the big dipper around the Celestial Pole
Exercise 2:  The Spring Constellations
Exercise 3:  The Summer Constellations
Exercise 4:  The Autumn Constellations
Exercise 5:  The Winter Constellations
Exercise 6:  Astronomy and Astrology

Solutions 1
Solutions 2
Solutions 3
Solutions 4
Solutions 5
Solutions 6


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